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Outreaches are fun, educational programs offered off-campus in classrooms, camps, and other locations. Outreaches have been modified to comply with current safety guidelines. There are three types of outreaches available: On-site, virtual live outreach, and pre-recorded.


On-site: $219 for all programs except Dinos on the Loose, which is $350

Virtual live outreach: $159. Add a character for an additional $25.

Pre-recorded: $50

Comparing the outreaches

On-site: On-site outreaches will occur in-person with a museum educator from the museum, and they have been modified to comply with current health guidelines regarding social distancing and other safety practices. These guidelines must be adhered to and we reserve the right to refuse to do the on-site presentation if the number in the gathering exceeds these guidelines, and no refund will be given. If your classroom does not require masks for staff and students, we ask that you utilize our virtual outreach option.

For more information on the safety measures our staff take when presenting on-site outreaches, please email

Virtual live outreach: Watch an outreach and interact with a museum educator in this combination of live and virtual experiences. These outreaches occur over Zoom, and are great options for summer camps and birthday parties.

Pre-recorded: Have access to view a pre-recorded outreach program.

Travel Cost For On-Site

Free within 10 miles of the museum. $2 per round trip mile beyond 10 miles of the museum


35-45 minutes for On-site and Virtual Live Outreaches. 20-25 minutes for Pre-Recorded Outreaches. The time varies for outreaches depending on audience interaction.

Group Size For On-Site

Based on the current recommendations for social gatherings we cannot do presentations in person for more than 10 people (15 for daycare facilities). These guidelines must be adhered to and we reserve the right to refuse to do the on-site presentation if the number in the gathering exceeds these guidelines, and no refund will be given.


7 days a week


*Pricing does not apply to Dinos on the Loose.

**Educators will need 30 minutes before and after on-site presentation for set-up and clean-up time.


Freezing Cold Science (NEW!)

Available November 30, 2020 through February 2021

Preschool - 5th Grade 

Winter is here! Join our friendly frost experts for some spine chilling science experiments. We will create hot ice, dry ice bubbles, make our own snow, and SNOW much more! This show really does make science cool. 


The Tinkerer's Toy Box

Preschool - 5th Grade

What does "tinker" mean? Find out as we play with some terrific toys, goofy games, and radical robots. Explore simple machines and find out how to use them to create your own imaginative inventions.

Meets these State Educational Standards:

SC.K.1; SC.1.6; SC.2.3; SC.3.1; SC.4.4; SC.4.6; SC.5.3

Seuss-sational Science

Preschool - 2nd Grade

Meet the museum's resident "Seussical Scientist" as we bring Dr. Seuss' classics to life with experiments and silliness inspired by the legendary books! This larger than life program bridges literacy and STEM learning in a fun and engaging way!

Meets these State Educational Standards:

LA 0.1.1; LA 0.1.2; LA 0.1.5; LA 0.3.2; LA 1.1.1; LA 1.1.2; LA 1.1.5; LA 1.3.2; LA 2.1.1; LA 2.1.2; LA 2.1.5; LA 2.3.2

SC.K.1; SC.1.2; SC.2.3

Space: It's Out of This World

Preschool - 5th Grade 

Our newest outreach will take you out into the universe!  Become a STEM Cadet and join us as we tour our solar system and learn important physics, chemistry, and engineering concepts.  Blast off with a combustion reaction, find out what happens when there is no air pressure, and watch as we make our own version of a comet!  Our trip back to Earth will be a blast!

Meets these State Educational Standards:

SC.K.1; SC.1.11; SC.2.13; SC.4.13; SC.5.11; SC.5.13

The Amazing Bubble Show

Preschool - 5th Grade 

Experience Omaha Children's Museum's most POP-ular program. Discover new tools to create bubbles, turn bubbles into smoke and even make bubbles big enough for a person to stand in. 

Meets these State Educational Standards:

SC.K.1.1; SC.K.12.3E; SC.1.6; SC.2.3; SC.3.1; SC.5.3

MA.0.1.1; MA.0.3.1; MA 1.1.1; MA 1.3.1; MA 2.1.1; MA 2.3.1; MA 2.3.3; MA 3.1.1; MA 3.3.1; MA 3.3.3; MA 4.1.1; MA 4.3.1; MA 5.1.1; MA 5.3.1


Preschool - 5th Grade 

Did you know that your ears help you balance? Or that your intestines can be 25 feet in length? Discover some of the anatomy's most interesting facts in this disgustingly fun adventure. Make snot, discover how food travels in your intestines and what you need to keep your bodies healthy and strong. 

Meets these State Educational Standards:

LA 0.1.1; LA 0.1.5; LA 0.1.6; LA 0.3.2; LA 1.1.1; LA 1.1.5; LA 1.1.6; LA 1.3.2; LA 2.1.1; LA 2.1.5; LA 2.1.6; LA 2.3.2; LA 3.1.1; LA 3.1.5; LA 3.1.6; LA 3.3.2; LA 4.1.1; LA 4.1.5; LA 4.1.6; LA 4.3.2; LA 5.1.1; LA 5.1.5; LA 5.1.6; LA 5.3.2

SC.K.7; SC.2.7; SC.3.7; SC.3.9; SC.5.8

Mad Scientist

Preschool - 5th Grade 

Mwaha-haha...Omaha Children's Museum has gone a little MAD!  Create kooky experiments with our Mad Scientist. Blow up soap, shrink chip bags and make giant mega foam. This program is guaranteed to blow your mind! 

Meets these State Educational Standards:

SC.K.1; SC.1.2; SC.2.3; SC.3.1; SC.4.2; SC.4.4; SC.5.3

Dinos on the Loose

Preschool - 3rd Grade

Think all dinosaurs are extinct? Think again! Bring our seven-foot-tall life-size baby T-Rex to your school or event! This dinosaur walks, roars, chomps, blinks and growls to everyone's delight. Start the program off learning about what we know of dinosaurs and how paleontologists continue to make discoveries. Then be amazed as the T-Rex is unleashed and interacts with your group!

Call for more information. Entryway must be 5' wide and 7' tall, be on the ground level, or there must be access to a freight elevator.

Meets these State Educational Standards:

SC.K.7; SC.2.7; SC.3.7.

For questions or to book, email or call (402) 342-6164 x. 446.

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