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Rocks Rock

Be a geologist and explore the world of rocks and minerals. Find out how different rocks are formed. Make a volcano erupt and start your own rock collection to take home!

Weather Wiz Workshop

Explore the phenomena of weather! Be a meteorologist and learn how clouds and rain are formed, and see demonstrations of lightning and a tornado.


Explore the science of bubbles! Use the scientific method to decide what makes a good bubble solution. Get inside a giant bubble and make your own bubble wand to take home.

Full STEAM Ahead

Investigate the science of electricity including circuits, conductors, and insulators. Create a take-home project using your newly acquired circuitry skills.

Truth About Trees (NEW!)

What do ping pong balls, glue sticks, and bubble gum all have in common? They're all made from tree products! In The Truth About Trees, we will explore everything from how trees grow, to the creatures who call the forest home, to how what we do affects the world around us as we live, work, and play in the forest.

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