Dinos: The Big Dig
5/24/2014 - 9/7/2014

Grab a shovel and dig in to Omaha Children’s Museum’s summer blockbuster, Dinos: The Big Dig! Uncover secrets of the past in this 10,000 square foot exhibit featuring life-size robotic dinosaurs.

Get eye-to-eye with a roaring T-Rex, meet an Apatosaurus family, crawl up and get face-to-face with a stegosaurus, go beneath the earth for an up-close view of a mom and baby Triceratops and much more!

Dig, explore and unearth fossils in the two story dig pit, make your way through the 40 foot fossil climber, take your photo with a T-Rex, create your own carnivore and herbivore dishes inside the Dino-Diner and climb aboard the Dino-Train* for a ride among these prehistoric creatures.

Museum Paleo-guides will lead daily programming including how to pan for real gemstones, unearth fossils, or piece together dinosaur skeletons. These hands-on activities combined with imaginative play as paleontologists will allow children to investigate dinosaurs in a whole new way! Want to take your findings home with you? Additional gemstone and fossil bags are available for purchase within the exhibit.

Join us this summer as we uncover secrets of the past during Dinos: The Big Dig at Omaha Children’s Museum! Exhibit opens Saturday, May 24th!

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Robotic Dinosaurs

  • T-Rex family
  • Apatosaurus family
  • Triceratops family
  • Stegosaurus
  • Pteranodon baby
  • Raptor

Exhibit Features

  • Two-Story Dino Dig Pit
  • Treasure Creek
  • Dino-Train*
  • Photosaurus T-Rex
  • 40-foot Fossil Climber
  • Dino-Diner
  • Lil' Explorers Tent
  • Paleo Tent
  • 3 Tiered Mosaic Climber

*Tickets available for purchase


All New To-Do Summer
5/24/2014 - 9/7/2014

Make it a summer to remember at OCM with our "all new to-do" lineup featuring six new exhibits, new programs, new camps and a new attraction!

Climb aboard the Dino-Train for a ride amongst the prehistoric creatures found in Dinos: The Big Dig.

The Dino-Train will run multiple times daily.

*Tickets available for purchase.

First National Bank
First National Bank, in collaboration with NEST, Nebraska's 529 College Savings Plans, is opening a new kid-sized branch at Omaha Children's Museum! Go through the drive-through, stop at the ATM or head inside to experience the interactive features. Kids will learn to save for their dreams with giant piggy bank and learn to count and sort money as they work at the teller counter.

Children's Hospital & Medical Center
It's time for a check-up! Visit the kid-sized Children's Hospital & Medical Center at Omaha Children's Museum. Kids can take "x-rays" of their bodies, care for babies, check their growth and use real doctor gadgets at the exam table.

Fairytale Land
Princess Poppy and her two friends, Princess Rose and Princess Lily, are back to engage children's imagination in a new, enchanting summer exhibit! Enjoy a sing-along, a knight's adventure and fairytales brought to life with the museum Princesses. In ths wonderful world where books and stories come to life, you'll never know what adventure you're in for next!

Three different programs are offered daily with a new fairytale each week throughout the summer, May 24 - August 9.
Visit the OCM Calendar for daily programs and times.

Musical Stairs
Rock out on a musical staircase! Feel the beat as you climb the stairs in Omaha Children's Museum. Why take the elevator when you can feel the groove as you move?

Lobby Screen
Experience a 9 foot, kid-activated projection screen where you can push, scatter and swipe images around with your shadow!

Sponsored by CenturyLink.