LEGO® Travel Adventure
5/23/2015 - 9/6/2015

A spaceship that sails under the sea? A blimp that ferries a boat? LEGO® Travel Adventure will invite children and families to use on of the greatest building materials of all time, LEGO® bricks, as a vehicle for your imagination. Where do you want to go? What does your vehicle need to do to get there? In LEGO Travel Adventure, you’re not just along for the ride! You pick the destination, determine what terrain you’ll have to cross to get there, then build a vehicle to take you there!

Little travelers can race to places near and far as they build and rebuild DUPLO® cars and race them down racetracks. Once they cross the finish line, kids can pose for a picture in a special kid-sized race car built entirely out of real DUPLO bricks! Travel the globe and discover the past with display cases featuring important landscapes and moments in history constructed entirely out of LEGO bricks. Get behind the wheel of the T.A.V. – (Travel Adventure Vehicle) – which features a cockpit, two steering wheels and video screens that take you to different locations or search for various vehicles such as hot balloons, cruise ships and trains in the I-Spy LEGO City!

Exhibit Features:  

- Costume Bins

- LEGO DUPLO Build and Play Tables

- LEGO DUPLO Travel Tracks

- LEGO DUPLO Race Car Photo Op

- Travel Adventure Vehicle (TAV)

- LEGO Build and Play Tables

- Share Your Creation Interactive Screen

- Vehicles in Action display cases

- I-Spy LEGO City Model

- Moments in Travel History display cases

- Travel Challenge computer game

Connect with us this summer and travel to fantastic destinations during LEGO Travel Adventure at Omaha Children’s Museum.