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Summer Camps: Ages 6 - 8

Omaha Children’s Museum’s summer camps feature engaging curriculum and great instructors who make every day exciting and new. Camps include daily play in the museum, a snack, a T-shirt, and a Meet the Teacher Night. Camps are $120 for members and $135 for non-members. Register for camps before May 31 to receive the Spring Discount of $10 off (price will be reflected in your cart). For more information on camp, click here.

The following camps are open to children ages 6 to 8:

Advanced Wizardry Academy 

In Advanced Wizardry Academy, we'll explore some of the First Year core subjects including potions and charms, as well as extracurricular studies in fantastic beasts and Quidditch. It isn't quite Hogwarts, but it's close. This popular summer camp ventures into the world of Harry Potter through imaginative play and science experiments.

There are no more Advanced Wizardry Academy camps this summer.


Camp Mash-Up NEW! 

In Camp Mash-Up, we’ve taken the five most popular camps to inspire a different day of the week. Each day is a unique adventure, with themes based on Wizardry Academy, Kids In The Kitchen, Galactic Science, The Science Of Video Games, and Makers’ Challenge.

There are no more Camp Mash-Up camps this summer.


Curious Critters 

Animal lovers, this is your camp. Designed for older children, we’ll learn the biology of animals in fun, hands-on experiments and animal-related activities.

There are no more Curious Critters camps this summer.


Galactic Science NEW! 

Campers will investigate the science of Star Wars through play, experiments, and projects. This camp expands Master Jedi Training further into the universe of Star Wars, including droids, space travel, and the Force.

There are no more Galactic Science camps this summer.


Kids in the Kitchen NEW! 

Meet us in the kitchen for a fun week of camp! Through food, kids will learn STEAM concepts and culinary history, plus they’ll explore other cultures. Please indicate known food allergies on registration.

There are no more Kids in the Kitchen camps this summer.


Legends of the Enchanted Kingdom NEW! 

Venture into the world of "Enchanted Kingdom," Omaha Children’s Museum’s summer exhibit. Learn about the mythical creatures and characters who inhabit this kingdom, and dive into the real life history of medieval kingdoms. Participants in Legends Of The Enchanted Kingdom will learn STEAM concepts and creative problem solving through imaginative learning.

There are no more Legends of the Enchanted Kingdom camps this summer.


Makers’ Challenge 

Kids dive into the world of tinkering in this summer camp. Design and build creations using STEAM principles and a variety of materials. Makers Challenge includes special access to the Tinker Lab (with adult supervision).

There are no more Makers' Challenge camps this summer.


Monsters and Mayhem NEW! 

Monsters and Mayhem is inspired by R.L. Stine’s frighteningly fun book series, “Goosebumps.” Each day, we’ll learn about some of the mythical creatures in the books through play and projects, and explore literary themes through STEAM experiments. 

There are no more Monsters and Mayhem camps this summer.


The Science of Video Games NEW! 

Gamers, put down the controllers and join us for real world STEAM activities inspired by Pokémon, Lego (Dimensions), Fortnite, and more! Whether we’re learning the mechanics behind Mario Cart or engineering basics of Minecraft, it’s all fun and games in The Science of Video Games camp. Please note campers will not play on any computer or device at this camp.

There are no more Science of Video Games camps this summer.



Science Quest 

Grab your lab coats; we’re getting an up-close look at the museum’s most popular science shows – and then trying some experiments ourselves! Children will get a behind-the-scenes look at the museum’s science shows, from the creative thought processes of programming one to the science behind the experiments. We’ll test, we’ll investigate, and we’ll learn in this exciting, hands-on experience found nowhere else.

There are no more Science Quest camps this summer.


STEAM Time Travelers NEW! 

This camp is all about Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics exploration and the history-making leaders in each field. We’ll introduce campers to men and women in the STEAM fields through hands-on experiments and projects related to their discoveries.

There are no more STEAM Time Travelers camps this summer.


Super Sports Camp 

We’ve put a new spin on popular games and sports for the wackiest week of fun at the museum. In our Super Sports Camp, children will work on social skills while staying active through play and friendly competition. New this year will be lessons in biomechanics and sports traditions around the world.

There are no more Super Sports Camps this summer.


Camp for ages 5-8 

Neighborhood Camp – Enchanted Kingdom 

There are no more Enchanted Kingdom camps this summer.

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