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Arctic Wonderland

It's time for a frozen adventure in Arctic Wonderland! Visit Omaha Children's Museum small exhibits space for an interactive experience teaching children about Arctic inhabitants and the science behind some of our favorite snowy activities.

Special grand opening giveaway!

The first 200 kids to visit Arctic Wonderland receive a polar plush stuffed animal (while supplies last). The museum opens at 9 a.m. on Saturday, Jan. 20. 


Exhibit pieces include:

Sled Speed Tester 

Zip down a mini slide indoors!

Snowflake Blower 

Learn about Bernoulli's principle by designing a snowflake and watching how well it floats (or doesn't float).

Igloo Building

Have fun constructing a giant 3D igloo puzzle that's large enough for a kid to crawl into.

Snowball Arena

Snowball fight! This mini arena is ready for a friendly snowball fight with friends.

Simulated Aurora Borealis

Learn about the phenomena commonly known as Northern Lights. There will be an interactive projection of the Northern Lights, as well as a magnetic table to teach children about magnetic effects on earth.

Ice Fish

Imagine yourself ice fishing without the cold! Kids can pretend to fish on an ice fishing platform, plus get a lesson on the dangers of thin ice.


Arctic Wonderland is at Omaha Children's Museum Jan. 20 through April 8, 2018. Exhibit is included with regular Museum admission.

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