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Today - Saturday, July 22
Museum Open 9 am - 5 pm
Pop-Up Art
10 AM & 3:30 PM
Every day is an art surprise at the museum! We might be engaging in a large community art project one day or the tiniest art another. 
Safari Quest
10:15 AM & 3:45 PM
Explorer friends, get ready for a crazy Dino Quest through the safari with Dr. Terry Dactyl. We will be searching, crawling, and climbing high and low in search of unique landmarks, dinosaurs and safari treasure. Be sure to bring your sense of adventure! Program is held in the Dinosaur Safari exhibit.
Fairytale Land Sing-A-Long
10:30 AM, 1:30 PM, 3:30 PM
It’s time to sing your favorite fairytale songs and dance with your friends in Fairytale Land. Join us for a musical magical time three times a day!
Professor Play’s Discovery Zone
10:45 AM & 2:45 PM
Join Professor Play as we lean, play and discover together through a variety of exciting games and activities.
Science Shows
11 AM, 12 PM, 1 PM, 2 PM & 3 PM
Children of all ages love our engaging daily shows in the Science Theater where we share science concepts in an entertaining way. Come watch and learn as we explore the properties of liquid nitrogen, experiment with chemical reactions and even explode soda.
Sluice Sleuth
11 AM & 2 PM
Uncover the mysteries of mining with Inspector Rock. Learn all about mining as we pan for gems and fossils.
OCM Fit Team
11:15 AM
Get your body moving daily at the museum. We’ll keep healthy with heart-pumping group activities. These activities make staying fit fun.
Creature Feature
11:30 AM & 2:45 PM
They are cute, crawly, and perhaps, even creepy. Here's your chance to observe our live animals and discover their connections to our prehistoric past. Program held in the Dinosaur Safari exhibit.
Fairytale Land Knight's Adventure
11:30 AM
There’s a dragon in the castle and the princess needs your brave help! Learn as Lady Evelynn teaches all the children how to be brave knights and conquer any foe!
Fossil-tastic Fun
12:45 PM
What do you get when you add Dinosaurs + Awesomeness? Fossil-tastic Fun! Come discover, create and imagine with us from 3-D dinosaurs to trace fossils imprints - anything is possible! Program is held in the Dinosaur Safari exhibit.
Curiosity Lab
1:45 PM
Let's be scientists together! Don a lab coat and safety goggles, then practice using the tools real scientists would use to investigate the scientific concept of the day.
Fairytale Land Spellbound
2:30 PM
Join the princess and her knight as they learn to speak without talking and to listen without words. Help her break the curse in this magical new show!
Storybook Yoga
2:45 PM
Join us in the Family Discovery Room as we embark on a journey through our favorite stories using yoga stretches, breathing exercises and movement. This activity is totally fun and peaceful.
Celebration Parade
4:30 PM
Join us for a lively march around the museum during our end-of-day Celebration Parade.