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Today - Wednesday, January 18
Museum Open 10 am - 4 pm
Curiosity Lab
10 AM & 2:30 PM
Let’s be real scientists together! Don a lab coat and safety glasses, then practice using the tools that a real scientist would use to investigate the science concepts of the day.
Professor Play's Preschool Pals
10:15 AM
We will explore a new topic each day through stories, activities, and games. This program is designed to help develop the executive brain functions skills that every child needs to be successful at school, home, and as an adult.
Science Shows
11 AM & 2 PM
Children of all ages love our engaging daily shows in the Science Theater where we share science concepts in an entertaining way. Come watch and learn as we explore the properties of liquid nitrogen, experiment with chemical reactions and even explode soda.
11:15 AM & 12:45 PM
Let’s explore STEAM subjects - Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math - in a fun daily activity that draws from at least two disciplines. Tap into both sides of your brain to complete these challenges.
OCM Fit Team
11:45 AM
Get your body moving daily at the museum. We’ll keep healthy with heart-pumping group activities. These activities make staying fit fun.
Music, Movement and More
1 PM
Feel the rhythm, discover cool sounds, and move to the beat during Music, Movement and More. Children will learn a new dance, explore percussion instruments, participate in the art of storytelling and so much more.
Professor Play’s Discovery Zone
1:45 PM
Join Professor Play as we lean, play and discover together through a variety of exciting games and activities.
Imagination Investigation
2:30 PM
It’s time to explore your inner actor with theater games. Children will participate in a variety of fun dramatic exercises. We’ll work on listening and speaking skills, following directions, gross and fine motor skills, and building confidence as we exercise our imaginations.