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MLK Jr. Day: Celebrating Friends
January 16 11:17 AM
The museum is open for Martin Luther King, Jr. day, and we're celebrating friends!

Nikia Gunn-Abdulai is the museum's Imagination Playground Lead and a veteran early childhood educator. She read The Crayon Box That Talked by Shane DeRolf to children in our Imagination Playground as part of the MLK Jr. Celebrating Friends day.

"This book is about tolerance, teaching kids how to get along with others that are different, and cooperation. It's important for little ones to learn these social skills to help them become more independent," said Nikia.

Join us for other Celebrating Friends activities in the museum today! Don't miss friendship bracelets in the Creative Arts Center and enjoy making new friends at the museum!

Anna Leasure
January 16 8:22 PM
Our grandson loves to visit the Omaha Children's Museum. Now I can see why. He invites us to the museum almost every time we talk. When we visit next week we will plan to enjoy story time with him. We've also heard about the room of balls! Can't wait. Granna and Grandad
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