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Fairytale Tea: Magic at Omaha Children's Museum
July 5 11:34 AM
Omaha Children’s Museum held its first ever Fairytale Tea event, hosted by Princess Poppy and her royal court on Saturday June 23. Twenty-five knights and princesses dressed in their fairytale best as they were escorted by a knight and announced to the court. They learned about proper etiquette before sitting down to a royal feast.

Accompanied by her friends Princess Lily and Princess Rose, Princess Poppy taught the children about what it means to be a princess and the duties that go along with being a royal, and guests enjoyed a fairytale read by the princess. She also taught the children about knightly virtues like honor, compassion, bravery, and valor.  The children then had an opportunity to make their own crowns and swords and shields as Princess Lily and Princess Rose sang songs and held other fun activities. The children were also able to have one-on-one time with Princess Poppy.

After waving good-bye to new friends, the children received goodie bags and a signed photo of themselves with Princess Poppy was mailed to their homes. If you would like to join Princess Poppy and her friends at a Fairytale Tea event, you can register online here. Limited seats are available for each event, so register soon and don’t miss one minute of magical fun!

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July 5 5:19 PM
July 10 10:12 AM
We had such a great time at this event. My daughter has proudly displayed her picture with Princess Poppy and all of the princesses on our fridge. Thank you for all of the special touches :)
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