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Team Member Profile: Christina Kahler
April 20 3:16 PM
Christina Kahler, the Director of Marketing and Public Relations at Omaha Children’s Museum, grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah and has lived in Omaha for 11 years – “I love this city!” She has worked at OCM for nearly six years and couldn’t be happier.

“I love being able to believe in what I’m promoting. I once heard the idea that you should find what you would be willing to do for free and then get paid for it. That’s the case here at Omaha Children’s Museum. I’m very fortunate,” said Christina.

Christina is also very passionate about what the museum teaches the children and families who visit.

"Children are our future,” she said, “Life seen through a child’s eyes is totally inspirational. Their possibilities are endless. I believe that the opportunities we provide for kids here at the museum can impact their lives, get them interested, inspired and engaged.”

When asked about her favorite children's book, she said that there are many books that she and her kids share a love for.

“The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein makes me cry now that I’m a mom,” Christina said, “and Little Pea by Amy Rosenthal made my little boy belly laugh when he was very small.”

Christina’s favorite color is red. “Surprisingly, you don’t often see it in museum materials,” she said, “but there is a red wall in our office.”

Aside from the museum, something fun others may not know about Christina is that she was a competitive ballroom dancer and clogger until she started college. She enjoys photography and spending time with her husband Matt, son Blake and daughter Kendall.
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April 23 9:10 AM
Christina is indeed a fabulous person! The museum and the city of Omaha is lucky to have her!
April 26 5:42 PM
Thanks, Metta. You're too kind. Right back at ya!!
May 16 12:53 AM
I am amazed how the museum provides for the kids. I am amazed how my kids are happy once they know we are going to the museum. We have been abroad for a while and now we are about to come back near Omaha just because we want to be close to the museum. Such an amazing place. Thank you so much for all the hard work you all have done.
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