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Construction Zone Feature: Creation Station, Carpentry Corner, Paint Shack
March 29 12:16 PM
Only three weeks left to see Construction Zone: Return of the Bulldozer before it closes on April 22! Make sure to come to the museum to check out some of these great areas of the exhibit:

Creation Station
Sponsored by RDG Planning & Design

Construction Zone: Return of the Bulldozer brings that creative edge to building with our Creation Station corner! Kids can build their own personal structure with oversized foam shapes created by Imagination Playground. This section teaches kids about cognitive skills and the importance of perspective. Towers, buildings, bridges and more are just waiting to be built here at the Creation Station!

Carpentry Corner
Construction is our middle name at the Carpentry Corner!
It can’t be an exhibit about construction without constructing something! The Carpentry Corner is an interactive building area that allows kids to learn the importance of safety in the workplace while learning simple construction techniques. One of the programs, Building Zone, takes place on Tuesday – Saturday 10:45 am and Sunday 1:45 pm where parents and kids work together to build special projects each week. These projects include birdhouses, toolboxes, treasure boxes and more! Another program offered is Tinker Time, scheduled Tuesday- Saturday on 1:30–3:30pm. This kid-friendly open build will allow children to design, build and paint the way they want! All programs require an adult partner. Although you can free-build here, time and space for the programs are limited, so hurry in and start building!

Paint Shack
Let’s spruce up the place at the Paint Shack!
Painting is just another integral part of the construction process, but we made it more fun with this free range Paint Shack! Using real household painting tools like rollers and brushes, kids can paint to their heart’s content! Providing an open paint session every day from 1:30-3:00 p.m., kids can paint in freestyle form, something they can’t do at home. Be warned, this can get a little messy, even with our professional painter smocks!

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