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Construction Zone Feature: Big Rigs
March 8 10:45 AM
Construction Zone: Return of the Bulldozer wouldn’t be complete without a fun-sized bulldozer! This realistic bulldozer, with interactive cogs and levers, is part of our Big Rigs section of the exhibit which also includes a blue Werner semi-truck and the infamous Backyard Playworld play set.

Just like the bulldozer, the semi-truck has interactive levers and a CB radio to communicate just like real big rig drivers do.

These big rigs help teach kids spatial awareness while “tuning up” their fine and gross motor skills. In addition to learning, kids will be having big fun with the big rigs, like Maxwell, age 7 who commented matter-of-factly, “I like the big trucks!”

Kids are working hard at having fun!

Stay tuned to our blog for features on other areas of Construction Zone: Return of the Bulldozer, and check out a video of the exhibit:

Lindsey Cranmer
March 25 9:12 PM
Is this included in the admission price or does it cost extra?
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