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Hooray for Leap Day!
February 29 4:30 PM

Fun is just a hop, skip and a jump away ... hooray for Leap Day! Leap Day only comes every four years and the museum celebrated the special occasion by holding various “leap” themed activities throughout the day.

The Imagination Playground was hopping with activity all morning long. First a lilypad beanbag toss took place followed by reading of Froggy’s First Kiss by Jonathan London.

The Creative Arts Center was jumping with excitement as children crafted frog puppets this afternoon.

There was also a Leap Day Backwards Scavenger Hunt! Participants followed clues to find the letters to discover the secret word of the day. After they unscrambled the letters, they could claim their prize. You can do the scavenger hunt with us at home! Can you find a letter in each of these photos to spell a TOAD-ally awesome leap day word?

Did you figure it out? "Hoppy" Leap Day from Omaha Children's Museum!

Jackie Anderson
February 29 4:50 PM
My son loves his sticky froggy!
Katy Akins
February 29 4:59 PM
I can't wait to bring my son to the OCM and check out the Construction Exhibit! He LOVES trucks.
Karen C.
February 29 5:09 PM
Always great, fun activities for the kids! My kids LOVE OCM!
Keri Power
February 29 5:10 PM
Our family loves the OCM! We come every chance we can!
Amy L
February 29 5:11 PM
Looks like a great day! My kids can't wait to check out the new exhibit!
Erica Ellis
February 29 6:06 PM
Did they play leap frog? That would be fun on this leap year:-)
Amanda Bush
February 29 6:27 PM
HOP!! How fun!! My kids would love to explore at the OCM! Happy Leap Day!!
Jackie Davis
February 29 6:56 PM
So cute! You guys are the best!
Laura B
February 29 7:11 PM
Looks like so much fun!
February 29 7:51 PM
Hip hip hooray! :)
February 29 11:00 PM
It looks like everyone was leaping around and having fun!
lisa sherman
March 1 11:26 AM
I have 4 boys and they are so excited about our upcoming trip to omaha to visit the children's museum, they looked through pictures on your website and my 4 year old said it looks amazinng!!
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