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Guest Post: OCM Helps Build Community
April 26 11:17 AM
It was a great privilege to be one of the first families to experience the Mobile Children’s Museum, Truckin’ Through Nebraska earlier this month. NE150 Executive Director Regan Anson took a handful of Omaha bloggers through the mobile museum prior to the official opening of the tour and I was impressed with what we found inside. It was an entire museum celebrating the many aspects of Nebraska, and it did a fantastic job accomplishing its goal. My girls didn’t want to leave, and I have to admit, I was enjoying myself in there too.

While I was chatting with Regan about the creation and timeline of this project she emphasized the importance of community in making this project come to life. There were several sponsors involved, and NE150 couldn’t have accomplished what they did without the help and knowledge of the Omaha Children’s Museum. Networking, education, and connection to a wide variety of talented people are what made the Mobile Children’s Museum a success.

Through our conversation I learned that Regan grew up in Nebraska and has spent her entire life here. I’ve also been in Nebraska my entire life. This is why I know when she discusses how people in Nebraska come together to help each other make great things happen, I know it’s true.

Reflecting on our conversation I got to thinking about how community plays a big role at the Omaha Children’s Museum as well.

My first image of community with the Children’s Museum is the Imagination Playground.

In this permanent exhibit kids get to spend time living a day to day life at home, shopping or running errands, or they can switch gears and take on the role of a variety of different community service providers. Children can be fire fighters, bankers, doctors, grocery store owners, bakers, or even restaurant owners in the Imagination Playground. Teaching kids about community through play like this is a fantastic educational opportunity for them.

While the kids are engrossed in their new community world, they are also learning other skills for the community. They are learning a wide variety of social skills, such as sharing, teamwork, and making new friends. I know my girls are constantly meeting new friends and inventing new games to play in the Imagination Playground.

The Omaha Children’s Museum doesn’t focus only on community events and exhibits specifically at their home location. You’ll also find them providing off site community programs such as large and small group presentations, and Discovery Dome rentals. These programs bring educational activities to off site locations making the museum and the education it provides to a wider audience.

Last year the Children’s Museum worked with Kidchella for a fun, community involved, all kid event. It was a lot of fun, and it was great to see so many familiar faces from the Omaha Children’s Museum helping out.

If you’re interested in supporting the museum’s outreach efforts and future exhibits, you can learn more at Omaha Gives.

The Omaha Children’s Museum does a wonderful job of promoting community. Not only do they share exhibits designed to let kids explore community, they are also demonstrating their dedication to community through outreach programs and networking with other local organizations.

Thank you Omaha Children’s Museum for having and promoting a strong community presence. It is appreciated.

About Mary
Mary is a work from home military spouse in the Omaha area who spends her days homeschooling her two girls. She has a Master’s degree in Industrial & Organizational Psychology with a strong interest in Social Psychology and Positive Psychology. She is the owner/author of two blogs. Living a Sunshine Life and Homeschool Antics.
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