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Guest post: 10 Creative Activities at the Omaha Children's Museum
January 25 11:35 AM
One of my favorite learning tools for the kids is imagination. It's something pre-installed in them the day they are born, and it continues to grow and develop as they get older.

The Omaha Children's Museum does an excellent job fostering creativity through imaginative play. It's one of the reasons we love to visit.

My girls are already highly imaginative. The stories they tell, the games they play, the art they create. I love watching them and listening to them play. The Children's Museum gives them another place to explore the brilliant ideas in their mind.

Over the years we've come up with some of our favorite things to do at the Omaha Children's Museum. Here are our top 10.

Top 10 Creative Activities at the Omaha Children's Museum
1. Design It Studio. The kids who love creating will find a lot of fun in the Creative Arts Center. There is always a fun craft or art project going on at the Design It Studio, which is just one area of the Creative Arts Center. Paint, glue, paper, feathers, pipe cleaners, googly eyes; these are just a few of the supplies available to the kids to use in their creations.

2. Puppet Theater. The puppet theater is a favorite of my kids. There are a wide variety of puppets and a puppet theater complete with curtains that open and close. Kids can use their imagination to come up with fun stories while learning how to manipulate the puppets at the same time.

3. Stage Make Up. My oldest has never been a fan of putting anything on her face. My youngest, on the other hand, loves to paint up her face. It doesn't matter if it's cosmetics, paints to make her look like an animal, or even fun face painting, she's into it. The stage make up section is great for any child who wants to play around with face painting.

4. Light Piano. Music is a wonderful way to enhance creativity. The Light Piano offers a chance for kids to explore sound. They can either learn to play songs by following the colored notes of different popular kids songs, or they can come up with their own songs while investigating how different notes sound together.

5. Musical Stairs. Speaking of music, don't forget to take the stairs if you're able to! Each step will play a note making the work of climbing to the upper level a lot more fun! As long as there is no one else on the stairs I'll let the girls go up and down the stairs (safely) playing around with tempo. It's fun to pretend to be different animals to see how they might play the song. A sloth may go extremely slow up the stairs, while a rabbit would be fast!

6. Maker Space. I talked about the Maker Space in my Top 10 STEM Activities at the Omaha Children's Museum guest post several months ago. I love multi purpose activities, and not only is it a fantastic place for STEM learning, it's also a great place for kids to let their imaginations take center stage as they learn about engineering and repurposing.

7. Special Exhibits. Special Exhibits going on right now are Block Party and the Imagination: Celebrating 40 Years of Play! Both of these offer kids engaging activities that quickly become favorites. These are temporary exhibits, and based on these and past special exhibits, I'm excited to see what the future holds!

8. Creative Arts Programming. Don't forget to check out the Omaha Children's Museum calendar for daily programming! Specifically the creative arts programming if you're looking for some fun activities to boost kids creative engagement with life.

9. Imagination Playground. The Imagination Playground is where it's at! It being imaginative play. There are a variety of activities to keep the kids busy. Everything from grocery shopping, banking, firehouse, water play, medical exploration, gardening, and playing house. The kids can use all of these areas on their own, or combine them for an entire play community to explore creative life skill building.

10. Summer Camps. This summer if you want to keep the kids entertained in an educational way, summer camps might be for you! There is a wide range of camps for the kids so they'll be sure to find something that interests them. The activities offered are sure to boost their imagination, confidence and creativity!

These are 10 of my favorite creative activities at the Omaha Children's Museum; I'd love to hear yours!

About Mary
Mary is a work from home military spouse in the Omaha area who spends her days homeschooling her two girls. She has a Master’s degree in Industrial & Organizational Psychology with a strong interest in Social Psychology and Positive Psychology. She is the owner/author of two blogs. Living a Sunshine Life and Homeschool Antics.

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