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Guest Post: Less Stuff, More Memories
November 1 9:56 AM

Have you ever walked into your kid’s or grandkid’s room and thought ‘How does one child have so many toys?” Or maybe you’ve challenged your kids to clean their rooms and they are completely overwhelmed with the massive amount of stuff to pick up. (As a mom, I’ve been there too many times to count.)

A few years ago, we decided to downsize and live simpler with less stuff. My kids still have toys, but we limit them to only high quality, educational toys. My husband and I decided we want to spend our hard-earned money on family experiences instead of stuff that sits in piles in their rooms.

This shift happened when I thought back to my own childhood. My most vivid memories are the weekly library visits, trips to the local zoo, festivals and family vacations. I have a few toys I remember, but the more influential memories are the experiences. I know my kids will remember the fun we had as a family and probably forgot about the dozens and dozens of toys that piled in their toy box that created stress keeping clean. Memories are made with families and friends and not with piles of stuff.

Kids love when you spend time with them and cherish those moments with their families in our increasingly busy lives. That’s why an Omaha Children’s Museum membership is the perfect gift for any family with young children. Whether it’s for your own kids, your grandkids, family friends or nieces & nephews, it’s a gift that’s sure to delight. With a museum membership, the whole family can spend quality time together in a fun, learning environment and enjoy the benefits for an entire year. Now, that’s a gift that just keeps on giving.

All three of my young children love the Children’s Museum and beg to go almost every weekend. It’s a fun place to visit, gives me an opportunity to interact with my kids and they can burn off some extra energy. With the cold, long winters, the museum is a great place to play and have fun when outdoors is not an option. And, since we have a membership it costs us nothing extra to stop by in for a few hours and enjoy that time together.

So, when grandparents ask what to get their adorable grandkids for Christmas, I recommend an Omaha Children’s Museum membership. Since they are open during winter break, we can put the membership to use right away. As a family of five, just two visits to the museum and the membership has already paid for itself!

My kids don’t need more stuff that creates a nightmare when it’s time to clean their rooms. My kids need more time with family and more experiences to help mold them into well-rounded adults. My goal is to create lasting memories and focus on time together as a family and not more stuff this holiday season.

Who are you gifting an Omaha Children’s Museum membership to this year?

About the guest blogger
Nicole is a local blogger and author of the book "The Extraordinary Art of Couponing." Visit her blog at Mom Saves Money.
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