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Guest Post: Let Them Play
September 16 12:47 PM
Note: This is a guest post written by a local mom. Read Heather's bio at the end of the post!

We pulled up to the children’s museum 30 minutes before closing. As I parked, my mind was telling me how ridiculous it was for me to come downtown on a school night, just so my kids could have 30 minutes of play.

My heart, however, was telling me that these precious kiddos of mine needed to play. They needed to breathe and imagine and be kids together.

Especially my Hannah. She’s 10 now. She just started her last year of elementary school. She has a phone and she has a squad and she is most definitely more big than little.

Some would say this graceful, young lady is too old to enjoy playing at a children’s museum. I couldn’t disagree more!

In fact, Hannah is the whole reason we came tonight. Because my big kid needs to play.

She needs to put down her phone.

She needs to forget all about the drama that comes with being 10.

She needs to stretch her beautiful imagination.

She needs to belly laugh with her siblings.

She needs to be able to cling to those last days of pure childhood for as long as she needs.

Almost as soon as her feet hit the threshold, I see the little kid reemerge. It was hiding behind trendy clothes, a phone and limbs that seemingly go on forever. But, the little kid is most definitely still there and that kid still needs to play.

Hannah might not get the same satisfaction from splashing at the water table that my toddler does but she enjoyed learning about how a ecosystem works and playing with her brother.

Hannah loved having the freedom to create whatever she wanted in the art studio and she adored being “the boss” at the grocery store. She played long and she played hard!

Take your big kid. Take them now and let them play.

About the guest blogger

Heather is a mother to four small children, currently making a home in Omaha, Neb. She enjoys documenting the workings of her home and family life on her blog, Parker Lane. Visit her at www.heatherlongnecker.com.

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