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Ensuring Early Science Education
March 22 2:26 PM
We all know it: Early exposure to science is critical for a child's future success.

But just how young are we talking?

A recent story published in The Atlantic addressed science education gaps in America, citing a new report published by in the American Educational Research Association journal. By the time children enter kindergarten, there are already gaps in science achievement between whites and minorities – as well as between kids from upper-income and lower-income families. And the gaps grow by the end of eighth grade if not addressed.

The findings suggest prioritizing efforts to ensure access to high-quality, early learning experiences, even in childcare and preschool settings. It’s an issue for policymakers, certainly, and it's also one we take to heart.

young scientists

Our daily programming brings science concepts to life in fun ways for young children. The popular science shows introduce chemistry, physics and other areas of studies to our visitors.

Most of the learning is informal here. Even our youngest visitors experience science through observation, discovery and experimentation as they move throughout the museum.

Teaching Science To Your Little One

Parents can engage their children by asking open-ended questions while they’re here. While in our Charlie Campbell Science & Technology Center, have your child put a ball into the Super Gravitron and predict where it will end up. Next, choose a different path you want the ball to take and try to make it happen.

Science can be practiced everywhere! If you’re in the Imagination Playground with your little one, let them play at the water table. She’s experimenting with cause and effect. This forms the basis for understanding math and science and for more complex thinking.

Informal Learning Opportunities For Everyone

All families and children should have access to the museum because we believe it provides a unique informal learning environment…and it just happens to be incredibly fun here, too.

We started the Omaha Children's Museum Welcome Fund to ensure families can enjoy our programs and exhibits regardless of their family income. It’s a 100% donor-supported fund providing access to the museum for families living below the poverty line. Families with a Welcome Fund membership are treated exactly like members of our museum, and they can visit as frequently as they desire. Find out more about the program here.

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