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New Outreach Unleashed: Dinos on the Loose
March 2 12:09 PM
Last week, Omaha Children’s Museum unleashed its new outreach program, Dinos on the Loose for the first time. Students from Adams Elementary went back in time to experience dinosaurs in an outreach program provided by OCM.

Educational Outreach Coordinator, Dacia Bryan, talked about fossils and paleontologists; she even brought some paleontologists with her to find fossils. While talking about fossils, the kids got the opportunity to see for themselves what different dinosaur teeth and claws look like. Something else they got to see up close was a newly hatched baby dino! Everyone thought she was so cute and one lucky student even got to feed her!
At the end it turned out that, in addition to finding fossils, the paleontologists found a living seven foot dinosaur! Everybody was super excited to see a life-like dinosaur that walked, chomped and roared. This teenage T-Rex was hungry and looking for something to eat, so the kids helped him choose what to eat. Do you know what the T-Rex would have liked? Plants or meat?

If you want to learn more about fossils and dinosaurs, you can have Omaha Children’s Museum come to your school or event too! You can book by contacting groups@ocm.org. More information on Dinos on the Loose and other outreach programs can be found by clicking here.

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