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Bushels of Fun on the Farm
December 22 11:10 AM

Experience farm life in the city! The Omaha Children's Museum latest special exhibit, Once Upon a Farm, offers a variety of fun and interactive activities to help children explore the world of agriculture.

My kids love this exhibit! The Children's Museum always creates wonderful activities where children are actively engaged in play and also learning at the same time! There are colorful and informative signs throughout the exhibit, teaching children about agriculture and farm life. While splashing in the miniature planting station, they are learning about water and irrigation. Children can learn what it takes to work on a dairy farm and milk a cow. While shopping at the grocery store, they can learn about corn and wheat products.

My son's favorite activity is the grain bins, where he uses the conveyor belt to distribute 'crops' into the proper bin. He was very curious trying to figure out how it all worked, and was so proud when he did!

Children love climbing in the 2 story worm wall, a popular activity that has returned from other special exhibits, and driving around the pedal track maze on mini tractors and trikes, and filling up on gas! The huge combine invites them to climb in and explore what it would be like to drive one. Other fun activities include playing in the crop fields, taking care of baby piglets, grilling out at the Cow Cafe, and broadcasting a forecast at the Weather Station.

I love how Once Upon a Farm ties to the agricultural foundation of Nebraska and how the Omaha Children's Museum involves partners from across the community and the state to help create the exhibit.

After visiting Once Upon a Farm, we explored the 'new to us' exhibits including working on a car at the auto service center, playing in the kid-friendly hospital and bank in Imagination Playground, and creating fun projects in the Maker-Space area of the Creative Arts Center. We finished our visit in the ever-popular ball room!

Experience Once Upon a Farm, open now through April 12 with daily programming that will focus on a new topic each week and will incorporate various farm animals on special weekends throughout the exhibit’s run.

Have bushels of fun on the farm at Omaha Children's Museum during your holiday break!

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Thanks to Julie from Family Fun in Omaha for sharing her experience with us!

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