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LEGO: Travel Adventure - bricks wanted
November 12 2:02 PM

What will you build? Where will you go? These are questions Omaha Children’s Museum will ask visitors in next summer’s traveling exhibit LEGO® Travel Adventure. This exhibit invites children and their families to use LEGO® bricks to create their own imaginary dream machines capable of taking them to fantastic destinations.


There are many different ways to travel where you need to go in the LEGO: Travel Adventure exhibit. Visitors will be invited to create vehicles capable of flying, driving and floating – or all three! To go on a travel adventure to exotic locations, children will think creatively and use their imaginations to plan and build vehicles to move through all kinds of terrain – mountains, oceans, jungles, deserts and more. So, what will you build in the LEGO: Travel Adventure exhibit next summer? Where would YOU go?


But, Omaha Children’s Museum needs YOUR help! Help us by donating LEGO bricks you no longer use. You can donate your LEGO bricks by stopping at the museum and placing your donation in the LEGO bins provided in the front lobby of the museum.


The 4 year old classroom at the downtown YMCA (the Owls) contributed some of their beloved LEGO bricks to the museum. The Owls visit the museum every Thursday and noticed the LEGO collection bins in the front lobby. They asked Miss Amy (their teacher) what the bins were for. Miss Amy explained to the children the museum is asking for help to build their next exhibit by collecting LEGO bricks.


The kids grew excited and, of course, wanted to help! So, before the Owls next visit at the Children’s Museum, they sat down and went through all their LEGO bricks and picked out the odd shapes or smaller, flat bricks they don’t use as often. Each child also decided to add one colored brick to the donation as well.


“The Owls were very excited to put them (LEGO bricks) into the donation bin,” said Miss Amy.


We want to thank Miss Amy and the Owls for their generous donation that will help us create LEGO: Travel Adventure, opening May 23, 2015.


For more information about the upcoming LEGO: Travel Adventure exhibit, click here.


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