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Memorable Summer at OCM
September 25 2:49 PM

It’s official. Summer has come to an end. Earlier this week the calendar concluded the summer season with the official mark of the first day of autumn. The days are shorter, the leaves are changing colors and the pumpkin-flavored craze has begun. Summer is over and it’s time to welcome the new season, but first let’s look back on our amazing summer at OCM!

Summer of 2014 at the Omaha Children’s Museum was definitely one for the books. Not only did the second level exhibit space take you back to a prehistoric time where dinosaurs roamed the earth, but we did it bigger and better than ever before. This year, for the first time, the museum purchased the giant new herd of dinosaurs instead of renting them like they’ve done in the past. The whole new herd of 9 roaring, robotic dinosaurs made their home upstairs for the three month long traveling exhibit, Dinos: The Big Dig. In addition to the life-like dinosaurs, we added two new features to enrich the dino experience. The Treasure Creek was a feature designed to allow children the opportunity to pan for real fossils and gemstones in a water mine. Kids were thrilled to see what treasures they would find in their bag of dirt, learn about them and take them home to keep. Our little paleontologists were also able to hop aboard a Dino-Train, a new attraction that took our guests for a ride among the prehistoric creatures of the exhibit.


If that isn’t enough, the museum also added two new permanent exhibits into the downstairs exhibit space, Imagination Playground. Thanks to partners First National Bank and Children’s Hospital & Medical Center, a bank branch and hospital were added to the space. We’ve seen numerous children transform in the exhibits to the roles of bank tellers, doctors, nurses, patients and customers over the course of the summer and we know there are many more to come. 


Thanks to CenturyLink, another interactive feature was added to the lobby to start the fun and excitement as soon as guests entered the doors. Museum guests are able to push, scatter and swipe images around using their own shadow. Another fun feature the museum added this summer is the musical staircase. Climbing to the second floor has never sounded so good as the museum and CHI Health encourage guests to take the stairs and feel the beat with each step they take. 

And of course, it wouldn’t be an enchanting summer without the beloved museum princesses. Little prince and princesses joined the museum princesses in a magical exhibit called Fairytale Land. Inside this exhibit, guests were able to sing, dance and act out fairytale favorites. The museum princesses also invited young princes and princesses to a special evening called Evening Fairytale Tea for an intimate tea time at the museum.


We’ve had a very memorable summer and our hope is that we’ve made it memorable for you as well.



Summer by the Numbers:


18,931 Fairytale Land visitors

291 Evening Fairytale Tea princes and princesses

60 gallons of tea for Evening Fairytale Tea parties

12 Event Fairytale Tea parties

16,800 Dino-Train riders

13,125 carousel riders

13,000 pounds of Dino Dig Pit mulch

6,266 fossil and gemstone bags from Treasure Creek

3,204 slices of pizza

2,365 pretzels

1,533 bottled waters

1,188 hot dogs

1,134 coffees

1,088 popcorns

923 slushies


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