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Andrew's Popsicle Stick Rocket
June 25 3:41 PM

This story is made possible by the amazing and talented Maker Corps Mentors Jason, Joe and Shelly. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

Meet Andrew.  Andrew made a working popsicle stick rocket in the museum’s Maker-Space. Andrew is awesome.


Andrew visited the Maker-Space at Omaha Children’s Museum a few weeks ago and told the Maker Corps Mentors (Jason, Joe and Shelly) he wanted to build a rocket using the popsicle sticks and tape that were provided for the activity. Minutes turned into hours as he worked and when it was all said and done, he had spent 5 solid hours working!


Realizing Andrew was taking this adventure seriously, the museum staff and Maker Corps Mentors became stunned with his patience, imagination and hard-work. Andrew began asking for wires and “electrical stuff” which made the staff realize he literally wanted to make a fully-functioning rocket. Obviously, Andrew wanted to see his rocket creation fly.


At Omaha Children’s Museum, we bring children’s imaginations to life. The Maker Corps Mentors surprised Andrew with an air compressor and declared they WILL make Andrew’s rocket fly! In a matter of minutes, Andrew, with the assistance of Maker-Space staff, made a hole in a wine cork, fit it into the nozzle of the air compressor and then jammed it into the neck of a water bottle that was left in the area.


After a quick lesson in air pressure and a little pep talk, Andrew pulled the trigger on the air compressor and shot the rocket across the room! – just moments before the museum closed for the day.


You would think after a while Andrew would have gotten tired, lost interest or become fascinated with something else within the museum, but instead, he kept working on his rocket project throughout the day and repeatedly told the Maker Corps Mentors that, “today is the best day of my life!” Andrew is now a rocket scientist.

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